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Supernatural Season 1 5 720p Torrent

‎‎ "0:01:32 A crowd of around 7 million people are tuning in from around the world to watch the supernatural sensation that has been built up over the last 2 years." "1:00:45 So now we are ready to start the episode." "1:01:30 In this episode, "America's Next Top Model" finalist, Carmen. "Carmen" "1:05:15 And we are on." "1:07:33 Well, I have to say, looking at the people standing by their TVs, it's really a magical time." "1:09:13 They are all ready for an evening of mystery, thrills, and supernatural drama." "1:09:23 And to make it even better, it's going to be shown live in 190 countries." "1:11:36 This is "Supernatural."" "1:11:54 and it is time for episode 101." "1:14:10 And this is where it all began." "1:15:25 So, to start the episode, we have Dean Winchester, Castiel, and Sam Winchester." "1:16:00 And we are in the house." "1:16:12 With me is Supernatural's executive producer and showrunner, Eric Kripke." "1:16:26 And we have Supernatural's resident psychic, Richard Speight Jr. "Richard" "1:18:11 And I am joined by some of the stars of the show." "1:18:20 To introduce us to the Supernatural cast," "I will read off a list of the characters." "1:19:07 Castiel, me," "Sam and Dean, as usual." "1:19:22 And we have the writers." "1:19:28 And we have - Misha Collins." "1:19:36 Aaron Abrams." "1:19:42 Becky:" "And we have Ben Edlund, who is the author of the original source material." "1:19:52 That this story is based on." "1:19:56 And we have Ben Edlund." "1:20:13 And, of course, everybody's favorite, Jensen Ackles. "Jensen" "1:20:26 And don't forget to check out the "Supernatural" website, where you can find out more about the show." "1:20:36 And that's all for this episode."

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